Beyond Geek Television Series

PBS/Public Television and Discovery Poland

Creator / Executive Producer / Writer

Season 1

Season 1 Episodes

Junk Car Racing

Battle Games

8-Bit of Fun

Floating to Space

WW2 Re-enactors

Real Superheroes


Season 2

Season 2 Episodes

Kinetic Sculpture Racing

Kinetic Sculpture Racing 2

The Force is Strong


A Pirate’s Life for Me

High Flying Smackdown!


Beam Me Up

Superheroes in the real world. Lightsaber combat as a sport. Floating to space. Geek just got leveled up.


A mermaid filmmaker with a lightning bolt in his hand.

Season 3


I stepped into the role of host in the upcoming season of Beyond Geek. We began production, but we had to halt filming because of COVID-19 shutdowns. The release date is currently unknown.

Yes, that’s me as Merman Joe.