Interviews with Joe Gillis

Man dressed in post-apocalyptic clothing with an atomic explosion in the background. Text: Post-Apocalyptic Joe in a Cinematic Wasteland.

Odin and I weathered my new goggles to look like my vintage post-apocalyptic goggles and talked about my new serial fiction series, Post-Apocalyptic Joe in a Cinematic Wasteland.

Join Beyond Geek host Joe Gillis, and convention organizer Mermaid Rachel as they
showcase the mermaid-themed episode of Beyond Geek! Surprises in store for the future
of the show…

lan Walker interviews Joe Gillis from Beyond Geek, talking about about how he got into
what he does, the premise of Beyond Geek, and crazy behind the scenes stories along
with he and I talking shop about Endgame, Star Trek DS9 and other fan boy stuff!

Julissa from Good Day learns more about what’s in Season 2 of Beyond Geek
interviewing the Creator/EP Joe Gillis and host Dan Reynoso. She also discovers how to
workout with a lightsaber from the Lightsaber Team who is in Beyond Geek – The Force
is Strong episode.

Julissa from Good Day talks to Beyond Geek host Dan Reynoso, Creator/EP Joe Gillis,
and Jerri Wagner from the Beyond Geek – Kinetic Sculpture Racing episodes.

Joe Gillis talks with SN&R about his series Beyond Geek and the story about how it all

Insight’s Beth Ruyak talks to Joe Gillis (Creator/EP) and Dan Reynoso (Host) about
Beyond Geek.